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XiaoMi T3 Dustbin Bag

RM 79.00

✅ 【Product Details:XiaoMi T3 Dustbin Bag 】 ✅ 

📌  Take the whole box and replace it multiple times at a time to save the trouble of replacing the trash bag repeatedly.

📌 The trash bag is made of PE material, which is high toughness and stronger.

📌  The outer box is made of square structure and high-quality PP material, which is environmentally friendly, durable and not easily deformed.



📍 Name: 6 garbage bags

📍 Model: R03

📍 Color: black (R03)

📍 Material: trash can-polypropylene (PP), trash bag-polyethylene (PE)

📍 Applicable host: T3

📍 Packing size: 252 x 144 x 257 mm

📍 Product net weight: 0.74 kg

📍 Product gross weight: 1.92 kg

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