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XiaoMi Smart Air Fryer (CN version)

RM 299.00

✅ 【Product Details:XiaoMi Smart Air Fryer (CN version)】 ✅ 

📌 【Ready Stock + 1 Year Warranty】

📌 【3.5L Large Capacity】Can fit an entire chicken or make enough food for a family of 5.

📌 【360° Hot Air Circulation】To ensure the food is heated evenly and more crispy taste like a fryer but just using little oil.

📌 【Adjustable Temperature Range】It can be adjusted in a wide temperature range of 40-200°C from defrost, fermentation, baking, air frying, and even can be used as a yogurt maker too!

📌 【24 Hour Appointment Function】You can set an appointment time to schedule cooking. Like just in time when u reached home from work, then you can get a hot and crispy fried chicken to eat. Yum ~

📌 【Over 50 Online Recipes】Support App (Region: China) connection with users to access over 50 recipes or make custom cooking mode.

📌 【Smart Control】Support voice control through Xiaoai assistant to control and schedule cooking.

📌 【Non-Stick Coating】Easier to Clean.

📌 【Auto power off】Automatically power off if the pan is removed and continue immediately the pan is slid back in without any need to restart the fryer.


📍 Model: MAF01

📍 Material: Alloy

📍 Capacity:3.5L

📍 Rated Voltage: 220V~

📍 Rated Frequecy:50Hz

📍 Product Weight:3.9KG

📍 Rated Voltage: 1500W

📍 App Connection: Wi-Fi

📍 Product Size:33.5 x 28.2 x 30.4cm


📦  1 x Air Fryer

📦  1 x Grill Rack 

📦  1 x 3 Pin Plug 

📦  1 x User Manual

🛎️1 Year Warranty