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XiaoMi MiJia Induction Cooker 2

RM 329.00

✅ 【Product Details:Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Fan】 ✅ 

📌  High-power coil, nine gears, variable frequency control temperature.

2100 power, thickened dense coils, low power continuous heating.

📌 The traditional induction cooker will appear intermittent heating problems, the unstable temperature will lead to cooking failure. in order to solve this problem, xiaomi induction cooker using dual-frequency heating technology, which can give you such as traditional stove cooking experience.Tookfun

📌 The panel is made of high temperature resistant non-slip silicone to make the pot more stable.It can be disassembled and easy to clean.

📌  Hot And Cold Air Duct Insulation

📌 High Temperature Protection System

📌  9 Grade Little Adjust Firepower 

📌  Beautiful body, round shape is easy to store.

📌 Just Support Stainless Steel Pot/Pan


📍  Brand: Xiaomi

📍 Name: Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker

📍 Color: White

📍  Rated Voltage: 220V/50Hz

📍  Rated Power: 2100W

📍  Frequency Bands: 2400-2480MHz

📍   Max RF Output Power: 16.73dBm

📍 Product weight: 2.1kg

📍  Product size: 280 x 265 x 70mm/11.0 x 10.4 x 2.76"


📦 1 x Xiaomi Induction Cooker

📦 1 x User Manual

📦 1 x 3 Pin UK Plug Adapter

🛎️1 Year Warranty


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