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XiaoMi HL Happy Life Aromatherapy Machine 120ML

RM 59.00

✅ 【Product Details:XiaoMi HL Happy Life Aromatherapy Machine 120ML】 ✅ 

A romatherapy Machine 120L Night Light Humidifier Air A roma Diffuser Essentiel Oil Aromatherapy Machine Mist Maker For XIAOMI HL Happy Life

📌 Ultra-fine Water Mist Diffusion
A 3.0MHz atomized piece made of T,DK material, the high-frequency mechanical vibration energy generated by the ultrasonic atomizing sheet turns the water particles into water molecules below 10UM, and generates a negative pressure in the water tank by the sharpness of the fan. , the atomized water is diffused into the air, and does not damage the natural components of the essential oil, thereby achieving a good a roma spray effect.

📌 Simple Design Style
Be Able to blending with modern overall home environment

📌 Small Capacity, Multifunctional
Portable design 120ml capacity, indoor temperature 25° can last for about 6-10 hours, red light prompts for 10 seconds when there is water shortage, with intelligent power-off function, very safe

📌 Water Level Monitoring Sensor / Water Shortage Red Light Flash / Anti-dry Sensor
Triple protection design, very safe and reliable, adding to the fun of life


📍 BrandHappy Life ( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand )
📍 MaterialABS + PP Plastic
📍 ColorWhite
📍 Weight360g
📍 Size98 x 98 x 120 mm
📍 Capacity120ML
📍 Voltage5V - 1A
📍 Power5W
📍 LightColorful Light
📍 FunctionAromatherapy / Night Light / Humidification
📍 Atomization Time6 - 10 Hours
📍 PowerUSB Cable Linking


📦 1 x Aromatherapy Machine
📦 1 x USB Cable

🛎️3 Month Warranty

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