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XiaoMi Wireless Switch

RM 39.00

✅ 【Product Details:XiaoMi Wireless Switch】 ✅ 

📌 【Custom turn on/off other smart home products.】🪄Description :

📌 【One key to control】Single click, Double click or long press.

📌 【One button】Before sleeping one button to turn off all the appliances.

📌 【Waking up at night】One button to turn on the nightlight.

📌 【When going out】One key to control household appliances.

📌 【A variety of uses】Can be used as sweeping robot switches, doorbells, emergency buttons, etc.

📌 【Compatible with Smart Home Gateway Multifunctional alarm system Malaysia Version】

📌 【High quality, fine craft.】

📌 【Intelligent linkage, wireless and convenient use.】

📌 【Easy to Use】Portable, small size, easy to install.

📌 【Suitable for all kinds of household environment.】


📍 Small and flat design, just stick it somewher and it´s ready to work

📍 One click to close all electrical appliances

📍 Make your smart homes even more convenient

🛎️6 Month Warranty