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XiaoMi T100 Electric Toothbrush

RM 49.00

✅ 【Product Details:XiaoMi T100  Electric Toothbrush】 ✅ 

📌 Professional Quality, Scientific Brushing, Ideal from Manual to Electric

【Stronger cleaning ability, more effective gum care, more comfortable brushing experience.】

📌 16500rpm High Frequency Vibration, 360 Degree Multi-dimensional Cleaning Oral Cavity

【The high-frequency motor is turned around, so that the brush head can pass the high-frequency vibration and 360-dimensional cleaning, so that the toothpaste foam penetrates into the gap of the teeth, and the mouth is deeply cleaned.】📌 Weak Handheld Shock

【Let your teeth brush free from noise and will not affect others.】

📌 Imported Soft Hair

【Increase hair growth by 20%, better fit your oral curve, clean your teeth while caring for your gums.】

📌 Two Cleaning Mode

【Standard cleaning mode, stronger, suitable for users with smoke and tea stains.

Soft and soft cleaning mode for sensitive teeth and novice users.】

📌 2 Minutes Scientific Brushing, 30 Seconds Zone Reminder

【Every 30 seconds, the zone will be changed by a short stop, and it will automatically stop after 2 minutes.

3 seconds gradual strong start function, prevent droplets, give the mouth a cushioning period, effectively avoid gum discomfort.】

📌 Long Battery Life, Strong Waterproof

【Charging for 4 hours, long battery life for 30 days.】

📌 IPX7 body waterproof, USB charging port is also waterproof design, no fear of water.


📍 Brand: XIAOMI Mijia Sonic Electric ToothbrushT100

📍 Model: MES603

📍 Color: White

📍 Rated Voltage: 3.7V

📍 Rated Power: 0.6W

📍 Waterproof Rating: IPX7

📍 Charging Way: USB Charging

📍 Charging Time: <4 hours

📍 Battery Life: 30d after fully charged

📍 Brushing Mode: ①Standard Mode

📍 Brushing Mode: ②Gentle Mode

📍 Noise: <60db

📍 Size: L187.5mm, Φ28.5mm

📍 Net Weight: 41.7g

📍 Model: MES302

📍 Material: KR Dual Sharp Brush

📍 Size: L83mm, Φ18.9mm

📍 Net Weight: 4.3g


📦 1 X Electric Toothbrush Handle

📦   1 X Brush Head

📦 1 X USB Charging Cable

📦 1 X Chinese Manual

🛎️1 Year Warranty