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XiaoMi Portable Electric Air Compressor (CN Version)

RM 179.00

✅ 【Product Details:MI Portable Electric Air Compressor】 ✅ 

📌Portable electric pump

📌Digital tire pressure detection

📌Reset pressure charge to stop

📌 Built-in lithium battery

📌 Compatible with a variety of nozzle

📌 Small portable out of worry-free

📌 Powerful power multi-purpose


📍Fully charged 8 road bike tires

📍Restart speed can be filled with a tire in about 3 minutes

📍Full power can make up about 5 car tires

📍Filling speed about 6 minutes to fill a tire

📍Inflation pressure range: 2000mAh (14.8Wh)

📍Working noise: distance 1M noise is less than 80dB

📍Trachea size: tracheal pull-out length 180mm, including nozzle (without thread) + adapters

📍Storage temperature: -10 to 45 Deg.C

📍Charging interface: micro-USB

📍Charging parameters: 5V 2A

📍Sensor accuracy: ±2psi

📍Working temperature: 0 – 45 Deg.C

📍Discharge temperature: -10 to 45 Deg.C

📍Charging time: less than 3 hours


📦 1x Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor

📦1x Removable moth head

📦1x Air needle

📦1x Charging cable

📦1x Storage bag

📦1x User guide

🛎️6 Month Warranty