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Belkin Boost Charge Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

RM 179.00

✅ 【Product Details:Belkin Boost Charge Magnetic Wireless Power Bank】 ✅ 

📌 A Quick Magnetic Power Boost
A wireless charging power bank that takes full advantage of MagSafe technology and won’t block the iPhone 12’s camera, so you can keep using your phone while it charges. Perfect for travel or commuting, this slim and portable charger provides a quick power boost anywhere you go. An LED light lets you know when the power bank needs recharging, and pass-through charging lets you keep charging your phone at the same time.

📌 Aligned Magnetic Attachment
Get a more efficient charge for the iPhone 12 with perfect alignment every time thanks to MagSafe compatibility. Just snap your iPhone 12 in place, no need for cables or precise placement.

📌 Take it Anywhere
A slim, portable design allows you to easily slip the power bank into your purse or pocket so you can keep charging no matter where you go.

📌 2500 mAh of Power
Give your iPhone 12 a quick boost up to 50% power, or up to 8.5 extra hours of video play back time*

📌 Stay Ahead of the Game
An LED light indicator tells you when the charger needs recharging, so you’re never caught unprepared.

📌 Never Miss a Moment
The wireless power bank doesn’t block the camera on your iPhone 12, so you can keep shooting content and capturing life’s moments while you charge.

📌 Uninterrupted Charging, Always
Keep charging your phone even when the power bank itself needs recharging, thanks to pass-through power technology.

📌 MagSafe Case Compatible
No need to remove your MagSafe official case when charging your iPhone 12.

Please note: secure magnetic attachment only for iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 mini; does not work with non-MagSafe cases.

📌 At a Glance
•MagSafe compatible wireless charging for iPhone 12 series
•Power bank perfectly aligns magnetically to iPhone 12 every time
•Keep using your phone and its camera while it charges
•Recharge the power bank while charging your phone with pass-through power
•2500 mAh of power for a quick boost
•Compatible with MagSafe official cases
•LED light indicates when power bank needs recharging
•Power supply unit not included

📌 Compatibility:
•iPhone 13 Pro Max
•iPhone 13 Pro
•iPhone 13
•iPhone 13 mini
•iPhone 12 Pro Max
•iPhone 12 Pro
•iPhone 12
•iPhone 12 mini

📌 Model:
Black : BPD002btBK
White : BPD002btWH


📦 1x Belkin BPD002bt BOOST↑CHARGE™ Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 2500mah - Black/White

🛎️1 Year Warranty

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